13 August

Mixed Mode the Future

Over the past 10 years major changes have emerged in the field of building service engineering. A good example would be double glazing on commercial buildings.
While not actually required by the building code, it has become the norm to specify double glazing. The industry has embraced the benefits of energy saving and noise reduction without the need for regulation.

One area that needs developing is the use of mixed mode buildings. Some people will remember the use of cross ventilation which was inherent in many MOE designs. Generally these were mucked up over the years with on-going interior fit outs. A classic example of this is the old Auckland City council building in Greys Ave where it eventually was required to have air conditioning retro-fitted after many internal alterations over the years.

Mix mode needs developing in this country – we have the perfect climate for it where most of the year – it’s not too hot and not too cold. Architects appear to have well and truly got to grips with passive design, keeping the sun’s energy out in summer and using it in winter to good effect. We are developing buildings with lower and lower energy use but we can still do better. Like the addition of double glazing, mixed mode buildings are just the next step.

Robert Mannes

12 August

New Look 22 degrees

August sees the launch of our new website and company logo. We wanted a logo which better reflected the integrated building services which 22 degrees provides. We hope you like it. We’ll be keeping clients up to date on interesting happenings at 22 degrees via our company blog and industry news via our Industry Blog.

Things are humming at the office with noticeable growth in the number of projects. There’s a definite buzz in the air and we note that many firms we deal with are hiring new staff. We’ve expanded the mechanical and hydraulics teams with the addition of Alex Davis. He hails from Australia’s seat of power – Canberra, and wasn’t even slightly conflicted recently during the Super 15 final – he rooted for the losers! Apart from Australian cities, he’s lived in Asia and the Middle East so he’s got lots of interesting stories to tell.

The team headed off on a ‘team building’ trip to Queenstown last month and we had a great  time on vineyard trips and eating out – some of us even fitted in some skiing! This month we’re celebrating another good year with colleagues, friends and clients with a Best of the South themed event featuring wine and food from Central Otago and Marlborough.

Robert Mannes