1 November

22 News – October 18

  • Quiz – win drinks + dumplings at Blue Breeze
  • 3D coordination – its covert
  • H1’s – not just a tick in a box
  • Defensive driving at Hampton Downs – bloody amazing!

Can you name the above? Click here to enter! The first five entries will win a bag of fabulous macadamias from our MD’s orchard and one lucky person, drawn from the hat, will win drinks and dumplings at Blue Breeze Inn (Ponsonby) for themselves and two of their workmates.

Mind the Clash – 3D Coordination with Chris

Coordination “rules” according to our Services Coordinator, Chris Dews. Originally from the UK he comes from an architectural and design background. His mission is to save everyone time, money and angst. We thought we would introduce him and ask him some penetrating questions.

What does a Services Coordinator actually do?

Ideally, if i do my job right no one realises I have done anything. I review each job at each stage and identify any clashes, help avoid penetrations and suggest smart alternatives when space is a bit tight.

Let’s say for an architect – how do you make a difference?

I’ll look at things like penetrations and RCPs and review service designs throughout the process. So what they get from us is fully coordinated. This lightens their load. If they know we get it right 99% of the time then their coordination should be much easier and they can focus on everything else they have to do.

What 3D modelling tools do you use and how do they help?

We primarily use Revit (modelling) and Navisworks (clash detection) for our 3D design. Revit has had big uptake and many of our clients only want Revit now. It’s a great tool for visualising in 3D so we can ensure everything works in space. It takes more time up front but saves a lot of time in construction. It allows the design team to eliminate nearly all issues on site. Even a minor mistake in design can cost thousands of dollars to fix during construction and it wastes time. AutoCAD is still a practical tool for many, including Archicad clients so definitely has its place also.

How do you present models?

Some clients like to come in and we will literally walk them through the building on the big screen or even use VR (virtual reality). This then becomes quite collaborative as we can examine aspects of the design in 3D and discuss any issues or changes.

H1 reports – not just a tick in a box

We have been producing H1 reports for the last decade – both for our projects and for busy clients. Architects tell us it’s a great time saver and cost effective. We asked our H1 Guru, Jedd Henderson for the low down on why an H1 is not just a tick in the box.

What exactly is an H1 in a nutshell?

An H1 report deals with compliance with the H1 Clause of the NZ Building Code which looks at Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Why is it used – is it mandatory?

It has to be used in every space deemed “habitable” or “conditioned” – like housing, offices, schools and retirements homes. It excludes large open spaces such as warehouses. Always mandatory, but different building types have different criteria they have to comply with depending on size and use.

The basic premise of an H1 is to ensure new buildings are efficient in their design both thermally and electrically. Thermal efficiency is handled by ensuring sufficient insulation and glazing values/types are used, and electrical efficiency focuses more on lighting density and type. There are a few different ways to achieve this within the code, but the sole focus is to ensure that buildings are naturally thermally efficient so as not to require large HVAC systems to maintain thermal comfort as well as control moisture build up.

Why use 22 Degrees rather than do it yourself?

As building services engineers, we spend a lot of time looking at how buildings react to their environment and how best to maintain a comfortable internal environment. This is paramount to understanding the implications of H1 and how it affects the building as a whole and how the smallest of changes can yield the greatest result. H1 can’t just be seen as a box ticking exercise as we move towards a more efficient built environment.

Steering Clear of Danger – Driving at Hampton Downs

“Terrific – learned heaps”. “Now I know how to stop suddenly without killing anyone”. “First time on a race track – incredible”. Just three comments from our team after a day’s driver training at Hampton Downs with professional race car drivers from TrackTime Driving Academy.


We met at Hampton Downs on a fresh Thursday morning – greeted by a shiny fleet of cars and a team of driving gurus. After a brief intro and theory lesson we were onto the race track to take part in a high speed braking exercise. Initially from 50km/h, we increased it to 70 and then finally 100km/h. Talk about neck straining, tyre screeching, brake melting glory. We moved onto high speed manoeuvres including a pretty fierce timed slalom which may have turned into a rather close competition. We finished the day with some coached laps and finally hot laps with our instructors pushing the sound barrier. Well, it felt like it.


7 August

22 News – August 2018

  • South by Degrees
  • New faces
  • 22 Degrees mission
  • Watch and win!
  • REVIT modelling – leading the way

South by Degrees

Starry starry night… A great night was had by all on August 2nd. A late Matariki celebration – inspired by Southern skies saw us catch up with many of our clients last week. Rave reviews were received of the pork belly, whitebait fritters and macadamia chocolate fudge. We went all out, offering a range of South Island spirits, liqueurs, craft beers and wine to sample – along with our own 22Brew made with Southern hops. Our annual party is a way to say thanks and we appreciate your support. Thank you to everyone who attended and sorry to miss those who couldn’t make it.

New Faces – just off the boat

Joining our Hydraulics team this month is Erik Venter – recently arrived from South Africa. Erik was a Team Leader and mechanical and hydraulics engineer in Pretoria and he and his wife are building a future in New Zealand. We’re delighted to have such a skilled and enthusiastic new team member.

22 Degrees Mission

Since we’re nearly twenty years old the team decided to look at what we stood for and where we were going. So we discussed who, what, why and how … and identified our unique culture, core values and what we wanted our future to look like. Over the next while, we will share some of our thinking and plans with you. To kick off, this is our Mission Statement.

Empowering our people to help your people create great buildings.

We wanted our clients to be front and centre. Our top priority is to help them achieve their vision. To do this 22 Degrees is committed to ensuring our team is mentored, trained, and given the support they need to deliver their best. Check out our short dynamic video which sums up 22 Degrees … The first six people to answer the question below will win a bottle of Otago Pinot Noir, a pack of craft beer or a mini Farro gourmet food hamper.

Fill in in the missing word – Experienced, _ _ _ _ _ , Engaged, Committed. Click here to enter.

REVIT Modelling – leading the way

22 Degrees has offered our clients Revit modelling now for the past couple of years. We have a team of “champion users” across all services and have introduced weekly Revit training for our engineering and design staff. We continue to provide AutoCAD services for ArchiCAD users and those who prefer 2D drawings.

Revit is now the norm for many architects and we’ve noticed more contractors requesting Revit modelling of building services. They see the advantage of identifying clashes before they get to site – saving time and cost. At 22 Degrees we’ve seen huge benefits in using Revit around coordination and we’re geared up to meet the increasing demand. 


11 December

22 News – December 2017

  • Quiz – win lunch at Billfish restaurant
  • Movember update
  • Crank it, spin it and tween it!
  • Christmas hours

Guess this iconic NZ summer holiday location, send your answer to info@22degrees.co.nz and we’ll put you in the draw to win lunch at Billfish restaurant in Westhaven. All correct answers will go into the hat with the winner being drawn this Thursday, 14 December.

The 22 Slugs team grew their moustaches over the month of November in support of men’s health. Thomo, Mark, Finn, Jedd, Ryan, Nick, Alex and Simon raised a whopping $3,700 over the duration of Movember thanks to many generous donations from family, friends, colleagues and clients. A big thank you for your support. Ryan Thompson raised the most funds, Nick (Chops) Donovan was recognised for his manly efforts along with Simon Jenkin for his ‘villianish’ moustache. 22 Degrees was delighted to contribute $2,000 to acknowledge their efforts and support such an important cause. Well done guys!

Ten pin bowling within the salubrious surrounds of the Newmarket Tenpin was our most recent work outing. Two hours of cranking, sliding, spinning and power plays resulted in a best overall score for Jedd Henderson. Check out his form in the photo bottom right!

We will be closing from Thursday, 21 December this year for the Christmas holidays, with a small contingent back on Monday, 8 January and the full team back on Monday, 15 January.

We would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday over the festive season and look forward to working with you all again in the new year.


9 November

22 News – November 2017

  • Movember at 22 Degrees – supporting men’s health
  • NZ Apartment of the Year Award
  • New Faces and Food Glorious Food
  • Tough Mudder

Gro a mo – save a bro!! In support of men’s health the 22 Slugs are growing it for Movember! In the top ‘before’ photo we have (L-R) Mark, Thomo, Ryan and Nick. In the middle photo from L-R we have Thomo (again), Nick (again), Jedd (Captain Mo) and Alex. In the bottom photo, L-R, we have Finn, Nick (AGAIN!) and Simon. A special mention must go to Ryan, Alex and Simon for their efforts!

And clean shaven …

Raising funds for male health issues like prostate, testicular cancer, and mental health – the team would love your support as they sprout mos this Movember. Click here to check out their progress and to donate.

Congratulations to Josephine Love (Josephine Design), Tawera Group, John Love, Project Director and Paul Brown Architects –  who won Apartment of the Year at the recent Trends International Design Awards for 8 Hereford Residences. This was a significant and prestigious project we designed the building services for. Read the article here.

Michael Chand
didn’t just bring a wealth of electrical design experience with him when he joined us, he brought CURRY LUNCHES to 22 Degrees. We had a delicious Lamb Curry lunch recently prepared by Michael’s new wife, Arti.

A few month’s back, Ahmad Sheikh’s (Senior Electrical) wife Raeda catered an amazing Middle Eastern themed lunch for the team. So when we hire electrical engineers it would appear we are getting a package deal.

Alex, Ryan and friends did us proud in the recent Tough Mudder – an 18 kilometre mud and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. Proudly sporting his 22 Degrees T Shirt Ryan proceeded to drench it in mud and avoid a minefield of dangers while Alex (a marathon veteran) galloped elegantly through the course and then piggy backed him to the finish line. Before, during and after photos below.

Only six weeks to go until Christmas! 22 Degrees will be closing our office at 12pm on December 21st and will be closed until January 8th with a skeleton crew on deck. The office will fully reopen January 15th with most of the team back in the office.  We will be doing one last quiz for the year next month so keep a eye out for that!

15 August

22 News – August 17

  • Winners – Recent Awards Success
  • Hip Apartment Projects
  • HOT Fire Protection Team
  • NEW – Senior Electrical Engineer joins 22 Degrees

What a year – Donald assumes control, Labour astounds the pollsters in the UK and Andrew and Metiria are out the back door. An election looms, but at 22 Degrees it’s business as usual.

In the recent Property Council Awards several of our projects were nominated with three winning awards in their category. The RTA designed Tarawera High School won Merit for RTA Studio and the Ministry of Education in the Education and Arts section. The University of Auckland’s purpose built student accommodation – designed by Ashton Mitchell Architects – won Merit in the International Multi-Unit Residential Property section. 22 Degrees was also part of the design team for The Dylan Apartments which collected an Excellence in the same awards section for Paul Brown Architects and Urban Collective.

We have a significant number of projects in construction and several appealing apartment complexes in the design stages including Crest Apartments with Paul Brown Architects, Stage 2 of Cheshire Architects SKHY and the Nuffield Street boutique apartments designed by Neville Price.

Mark Conn joined us in May, as a Senior Electrical Engineer and is now leading our electrical design team. He brings with him, nearly twenty years in consulting and extensive experience as a Services Project Director on multi-disciplinary projects in South Africa and the Middle East. Despite the fact he supports the Boks, Mark has taken to New Zealand like a duck to water and we’ve taken to him! He is hugely knowledgeable about all facets of building services and has the project management chops to handle our most complex projects. Mark is already making a significant contribution to the business and putting his stamp on the electrical team.

Fire Protection is…..on fire! Two of our most competent mechanical engineers, Alex Davis and Glenn Christiansen, have diversified into fire protection services design over the past two years. They are doing a fine job and our work levels in this area have increased dramatically. Alex completes his Masters in Fire from Canterbury University this year and plans to further expand our fire services in the near future.

Our portfolio of projects over this past year has been diverse but has included a lot of apartment work. Completed projects of note include SKHY Stage 1 and the Hereford Street Residences. Still in the design phase, Fabric Apartments is particularly interesting. Fabric of Onehunga will be a new pocket neighbourhood of five buildings over four levels with apartments sharing common green spaces in one of Auckland’s oldest urban villages.

While it’s always busy here we like to make sure there’s time for some R&R as well. Upstairs our in- house gym is getting plenty of use early in the morning and the weekly Pilates classes are helping with the stiff necks from all that computer work. Outside the office, we’ve thought laterally and escaped from an ESCAPE ROOM, distinguished ourselves at a Pub Quiz night, tapped into our inner children at a board games evening, nearly killed ourselves on an Amazing Race, shot each other at Megazone and to chill, enjoyed some 22 brew. Coming up there’s a skiing trip, fishing and disc golf.     

8 September

22 News – Sept ’16

22 News & Quiz

  • TVNZ – opens
  • Cocktail Party
  • New Cadet
  • Quiz – win lunch at Mekong Baby

This month one of our projects was officially launched – TVNZ (stage 2). This was a service intensive project and included the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and data services. Key challenges were keeping the building fully operational during the works and redesigning existing building services to meet the needs of a modern multi-purpose media space.

What a night! On September 1st Debbie Darling (Chief Purser) and Captain Robert Mannes took our guests on a journey Around the World at our annual cocktail party. Terrific turn out, scrumptious cuisine and beverages from Asia, America, Europe, ….. plus prizes and entertainment made for a FUN night. It was great to catch up with so many clients, colleagues and friends in the industry.


Our international theme for the evening was inspired by past intern Stefan Nel who is currently on the adventure of a lifetime – The Mongol Rally – across Asia and Europe. His team, “Pandamonium” are fundraising for NZ Surf Lifesaving and we would like to thank all those who donated to the cause. They have almost reached their final target – they are just $400 shy. To donate follow this link. https://explore.givealittle.co.nz/search?q=pandamonium

We welcomed a new cadet on board this month, Thomas Hume. He has joined our mechanical team and comes from a family of architects so is already talking the lingo like a pro!

This month’s QUIZ is designed to foil the Google sleuths. You’ll only know this one if you’ve spoken to the man himself. Last Christmas Nick Donovan and Robert Mannes each holidayed overseas (in different continents). Name 3 countries that Nick OR Robert visited on their trips. Get one wrong and you’re disqualified. Get them all right and you’re in the draw to win lunch at Mekong Baby – yeeeum !  Entries close September 16, send all entries to Jennifer@22degrees.co.nz

– 22 Degrees Team

25 July

22 News – July/August ’16

22 Degrees News – July/August

  • New Faces
  • Awards
  • Whanganui River Adventure
  • Cocktail Party
  • The Wild and Wacky – Mongol Rally

We’ve witnessed extraordinary times since our last blog. Our collective socks were shocked off by BREXIT and the rise of the Donald. Political turmoil has rippled around the globe and closer to home, our housing market continues to boil and bubble… Here it is, only half way through 2016 and ‘change’ appears to be the only constant.         

At 22 Degrees we’ve hired three new engineering cadets and been joined by very experienced electrical engineer, Ahmad Sheikh. His extensive quality assurance and site experience is already proving invaluable.

Several of our projects have received prestigious awards recently.

  • Hopetoun Residences won a New Zealand Property Council Award for best in class (Multi-Unit Residential Property) –– Paul Brown Architects and Tawera Group.
  • The Orange (redevelopment of the Orange Hall in Newton) won the NZIA Auckland branch (Commercial) Architectural Award – Crosson Architects.
  • Tarawera High School, Kawerau  – has been short listed  for a World Architecture Festival Award along with entries from Japan, the UK, Germany and Thailand –- RTA Studio

Social ‘movers and shakers’ Alex and Barbora, came up with a death defying adventure for the annual team building excursion. The Whanganui River beckoned and Team 22 rose to the challenge. Although just between you, me, and the rest of our blog readers, the management team had some trouble staying in their canoe. Yes, Robert and Ryan co-paddled the only canoe to capsize. TWICE! But who’s counting.

Our journey kicked off at Whakahoro, at the famous Blue Duck Lodge before launching our tandem canoes the next morning. Being so late in the season we had the river practically to ourselves. So we drank in that gobsmacking scenery and went all Zen as we experienced the tranquillity and isolation.

Of course our nights weren’t as tranquil – once the snorers cranked up and Nick let rip with some blood curdling shrieks in the dark. Apparently a few local rats/possums mistook his face for a bush highway. We nearly lost Alex on the famous Bridge to Nowhere and considered renaming it the Bridge to Oblivion.

Our guide, Jamie, from Unique Whanganui Journey, was fantastic. Even the food was great! Of course we were so hungry after all that aerobic exertion we’d have eaten our canoes. It was a brilliant adventure which really pushed the envelope and brought us closer together. We witnessed young Stefan set out as a boy and return as a man! We saw paddling worthy of Hamish and Eric. The Wooden Paddle Award went to Nick and Glenn – the most synchronised team and the only one of two teams not turn on their outboard motor.  It will be hard to top next year.


Talking of amazing adventures, a past intern Stefan Nel, has just embarked on the infamous Mongol Rally – 10,000 miles across the mountains, desert and steppes of Europe and Asia. There’s no back up, no support and no set route. There’s only 3 rules:

  1. You can only take a farcically small vehicle
  2. You’re completely on your own
  3. You’ve got to raise £1,000 for a charity

Visit http://www.theadventurists.com/mongol-rally/ to find out more.

Stefan and co-driver Sam, are fund raising for NZ Surf Lifesaving. They’ve bought a beaten up 1L Fiat Panda which can comfortably reach a top speed of 65km, so is perpetually overtaken by Audi, BMW and Mercedes drivers at 140km plus.

22 Degrees are proud sponsors of their madcap adventure. We’d appreciate it if our friends and clients could lend their support too with a $20 (or more) donation via their Give a Little page. https://explore.givealittle.co.nz/search?q=pandamonium

As you read this the “Pandamonium” team have just left Budapest and are off to Romania. Follow their journey on Instagram instagram.com/pandamoniumrally or Facebook facebook.com/pandamoniumrally.  Let’s reward their blood, sweat, tears (and insanity?).


Inspired by all this travel, our intrepid, cosmopolitan, team have come up with an international theme for this year’s cocktail party – Around The World at 22 Degrees.

We’re holding it upstairs in our office later in the year. Look out for your invitation.

We’ve got a great Quiz coming soon – so watch this space.

– 22 Degrees Team

9 February

22 News – Feb ’16

2016 is steaming ahead (literally) with temperatures soaring throughout the country. The Christmas break saw the 22 Degrees team spread throughout the globe as far afield as Spain, the UK, Russia, Peru, Egypt and deepest darkest New Plymouth. Now we’re all back on board!

Travel highlights included:

  • Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona “WOW!!!!! Breathtakingly beautiful” – Robert Mannes

Rob two

  • Macchu Picchu in Peru “Mysterious, enigmatic, and how the hell did they do it?!” – Alex Davis

Alex two

  • Sochi, Russia “First class skiing in the Winter Olympic Capital” – Ruslan Baytemirov

Rus Two

  •  The Middle East “Donkeys… camels… tombs… and four hours of interrogation at the Jordanian border…fun times!” – Nick Donovan

Nick two


Back at HQ

A lot has happened at HQ over the last four months. We celebrated our 15th birthday in October, Daniel Wellington joined our Hydraulics team, and we embarked on the implementation of Union Square – a sophisticated new job and document management software. Union Square logo and make it a hyperlink to their website. If everything goes according to plan we go live with ‘phase one’ in April. The team at Union Square has been terrific to deal with and we’re looking forward to having a lot of extra project management tools at our disposal.

Union Square

Construction of several of our major projects were completed by the New Year including “The Orange” apartments, retail and commercial space in Newton,  and Hopetoun Residences in Freemans’ Bay. The ribbon was cut at several schools  including Tawera College; a state of the art new design offering flexible learning spaces and a modern, comfortable learning environment for Kawerau students.

Projects Labeled

2016 looks like being another great year with a lot of exciting new projects kicking off for us and the construction industry still in top gear. Not to mention we won the SEVENS twice, and beat the Aussies in the ODI series  – so far, so good! And a big pat on the back for several team members who participated in the Auckland Marathon in November. All competed and completed without injury!

This Summer we ran a photo competition inviting clients to send photos of themselves sporting a 22 Degrees tee shirt (given or stolen). The extraordinary creativity of participants has provided us with many mirthful moments – thanks to all the wannabe Annie Leibovitz’s. Our winner was George Reed from 1st Maintenance who took his tee shirt to Lapland with him and it doesn’t look like he ever took it off – judging from the many photos in myriad locations. He won a portable barbecue and a packet of Persil.

Here’s a couple of his hilarious efforts:

George two

Watch out for our latest quiz – coming your way shortly.

Jennifer Austin Mannes

16 September

22 Quiz #7 – Sept ’15

Quiz FLW

Do you know which architect also dabbled in stained glass and produced this work? Email alex@22degrees.co.nz by the 24th of September– All correct answers will go in the draw to win lunch at Mekong Baby (our new favorite place) OR if you’re out of Auckland a voucher for books or movies – your choice!!!

16 September

22 News – Sept ’15

Since our last blog, Christmas has come and gone and that slow January start (when you catch up on all that filing) never eventuated. We’ve recently expanded our teams across all divisions to cope with continued growth and we’re relishing the opportunity to work on even more diverse projects.

We’ve well and truly settled into our new office and the Ponsonby lifestyle (the café next door LOVE us). Check out our new signage.


Since our last blog additions to the team include Jedd Henderson (electrical & mechanical), Kyaw Lin (Senior Electrical Engineer), Stefan Yong (electrical), and two undergraduates.

On the training front – Robert Mannes has been running seismic seminars for IPENZ around the country. Alex is adding to his mechanical and hydraulics expertise by undertaking his Masters in fire engineering at Canterbury University. Several of the team have completed   industry courses on lighting design, data, REVIT and much more. Its important to keep up with the play and to constantly upskill.

All work and no play makes for dull lunch conversation so naturally we’ve squeezed in some cool social activities this year. In April the team went South to gorgeous Nelson and Marlborough for several days of kayaking, tramping, wine tours, bowling, a beer tasting and a terrific visit to the WOW museum and classic car display.

Nelson Combined

Kayaking on a brilliant day in Queen Charlotte Sounds or tramping through beautiful Abel Tasman Park is definitely up there on the “Feels like Heaven” scale.  Of course it wasn’t just tranquillity and slow rhythmic paddling for all of us. Andrew thought a race was a brilliant idea! Seriously disadvantaged by flying solo in his two seater kayak, Nick tried his best to keep up but needed a cuppa and a lie down afterwards.


The team discovered the surprising thrill of flicking a frisbee around a golf course in an evening of Frisbee Golf with New Zealand’s premiere Frizbee Golf Champion, Simon Feazey (who recently competed internationally). Everyone had a blast followed by pizza under the stars. There’s been a few fishing trips but not nearly enough for the snapper lovers among us.

We’ve enjoyed some tasty team lunches and dinners with highlights including lunch at Sails, and a recent dinner at Mekong Baby which left us all waddling home after some major overindulgence. What a seriously delectable and generous set menu! Quiz contestants take note!

It’s our 15th birthday!!!! Our next function for clients and friends is planned for October 16 – put it in your diary and watch this space. Meantime we’ll likely be providing the odd informal breakfast croissant or two in front of the TV screen during the Rugby World (recorded and played at the more palatable 7 AM ) if you happen to drop by.

The latest quiz is quite tricky so if you have the answer email alex@22degrees.co.nz and all correct answers will go in the draw to win lunch at Mekong Baby (our new favourite place) OR if you’re out of Auckland a voucher for books or movies – your choice!!!

Jennifer Austin Mannes