22 News – October

It’s been GO GO GO since our last blog (too long ago!). We moved into our new office in Crummer Rd; had a rip roaring office warming party; renovated upstairs and leased it out and waged a ‘kill or be killed’ battle between the Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulics teams (at Megazone). The Hydraulics team were victorious and top scorer was Alex – which we put down to that Aussie killer instinct (and possibly a mis-spent youth). AND we’ve grown again! We hired an additional mechanical engineer – Nick Donovan. All that, while the country re-elected a National government!

Late August, a single yellow (license plate GOODBYEPORKPIE) mini was stationed in front of the office –and set the scene for our “Kiwi Road Trip” theme party to celebrate our move. It was an excellent night complete with home brewed beer – 22 Brew, scrumptious Kiwi fare, a Kiwi Quiz (close fought battle) and an excellent turn out. For anyone worried about its late night disappearance – it was found a little the worse for wear but still driveable in Bluff.

It was great to catch up with so many clients and colleagues and for those unable to make it – we hope to see you soon. For guests wondering about our lovely MC’s condition (due to give birth next week ) – no news yet but it was heartening to see so many willing Dads.


We’re LOVING our new office. There’s lots of space to spread our wings and we’re right next to one of the best cafes in Ponsonby (actually that has its down side).

New Office

Despite several bouts of flu – which were generously spread amongst the crew (no-one got the STAY AT HOME memo) we’ve worked on a record number of projects. The construction industry is enjoying a buoyant period and to help us cope (and thrive) we’ve been working on improved internal efficiencies in the office and we’ve added staff.

In early October, Nick Donovan joined the mechanical team and soon we will take on an engineering cadet to work across all three services. Sara Kilonback joined us in July to take over administration and financial systems. She previously worked with us seven years ago and we’re delighted to have her back. She’s doing a great job – as are all our staff. We’ve also just returned from a ski-ing weekend for some well-earned R and R, as everyone has had their nose to the grindstone and is doing a brilliant job.

Ryan was lucky enough to be invited to a product launch for Mitsubishi Electric in Wellington.  They released their innovative solution to the ever apparent refrigerant volume limit outlined within AS/NZS 1677. It was so riveting in fact, that as the night grew long, alternate transport to Auckland the next day had to be organised. There’s dedication for you!

The latest quiz is a classic Kiwi ‘scratch your head’ one so be sure to give it a shot! Our prize is a voucher for MOVIE TICKETS and popcorn and ice cream to be enjoyed on a rainy day (not that we’ll have any rainy days this Summer of course).

Jennifer Austin Mannes