Building Information Modelling

The next evolution from Computer Aided Design, 3D modelling enables our engineers to simultaneously design and coordinate in virtual space. Unlike firms which separate their engineering and modelling, our design team brings technical engineering expertise to every decision made as they fully coordinate all services in 3D. This eliminates mistakes from the outset – speeding up the overall design process and ensuring services mesh seamlessly within the building structure.  

Unlike standard Revit technicians, as engineers, we make design decisions as we create the model. We are fully aware of the implications of any choice or change  to the design and holistically modify elements at any stage from concept to detailed design. Time spent up front on creating a fully coordinated model eradicates costly mistakes further down the track and during construction. 

Our approach ensures architects, structural engineers and clients can be involved in every step and can contribute and comment in a collaborative process. We work with both Revit and ArchiCAD designs. While we still use AutoCAD for small projects when 3D coordination is not required, we find 3D modelling encourages collaboration and delivers superior benefits to our clients. 

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