22 News – October 2023

22 Team News We recently held our Annual Awards evening which was an amazing opportunity to recognise our teams’ hard work and growth throughout the last year. This year we had six awards recognising ingenuity, hard work, teamwork, growth, drawing standards and service. With many deserving nominees, we’d like to congratulate our winners Daniel, Richie, Cam,…  Read More »

A Sustainable Future for Construction

SEMINAR & LUNCH Wednesday September 13th, 11.30am – 1.00pm How will changes to the Building Act & Building Consent affect me? What do I need to know? Legislation and building practices are changing fast to meet global decarbonization targets. These changes profoundly affect how we will design and construct buildings. It’s critical to understand what’s…  Read More »

22 News – June 2023

22 Team News Reflecting on the year that has been with delicious food and staff rewards is always a special way to recognise our team’s hard work and bring everyone together. To finish our annual strategy/planning ‘Big Day In’ the team let off some steam at World Challenge Tag Paintball followed by dinner and drinks…  Read More »

22 News – February 2023

22 Team News Despite the frequent rain, the team at 22 Degrees had a fantastic holiday break filled with much-needed R & R and family time. We’re looking forward to making the most of this new year and delivering exceptional results for our clients. Bonding and energising was the name of the game as the…  Read More »

Technical Electrical Lead Consulting Engineer – APPLY NOW

Electrical Guru & Mentor + Sustainability Champion  Technical Lead Engineer Electrical Building Services  Senior Leadership Role: Design &Trouble Shooting Technical Training, Mentoring – Grads & Intermediates Expert Oversight of standards, documentation, quality   Key Role in Sustainability for Electrical Services  A unique mix of Guru and Champion – this role will offer the right person…  Read More »

See you on the flipside 2022

2022, it’s been a year! This has been a special year for the team with 22 Degrees celebrating our 22nd year in business in 2022. Viva La 22! The team are taking some well deserved time out over the summer break. Our office will be closing this Friday and we’ll be back to hit the…  Read More »

22 News – December 2022

You might not believe it but summer is here! Where has the year gone? We’ve been busy here at headquarters, launching a new LinkedIn video series, turning 22 and finding Jennifer’s hidden talent! 22 Team News With the year coming to an end, we’re finishing strong. We celebrated our 22nd Birthday, went Axe throwing and…  Read More »

22 News – October 2022

Spring is in the air! The team have been hard at work with the end of the year fast approaching. Our engineers have created a seminar exploring some of the recent G7 Changes. We’ve celebrated internal success at our awards evening and made epic memories at the company “ski” trip. Alex and Zach welcomed a…  Read More »

22 News – August 2022

Tis the month of skiing, and an avalanche of rain! It’s also been the winter of Covid, flu and colds. With spring just round the corner we’re hoping to see more sunshine and vitamin D on its way. So, the theme this newsletter is sunshine! Our quiz, the prize for the winner and our upcoming…  Read More »