22 News – October 2023

22 Team News

We recently held our Annual Awards evening which was an amazing opportunity to recognise our teams’ hard work and growth throughout the last year.
This year we had six awards recognising ingenuity, hard work, teamwork, growth, drawing standards and service. With many deserving nominees, we’d like to congratulate our winners Daniel, Richie, Cam, John, Nick, and Dylan. Following the main awards came our people’s choice awards where the team voted live for the winners. These went down a treat with lots of laughter and energy which carried through to an amazing dinner at one of our local favourites, Mekong Baby.

Sustainability Seminar

In conjunction with the NZ Green Building Council our ESD team recently ran seminars on imminent changes to the Building ACT and Building Consent. Our main presentation at Ponsonby Central was very well attended and received. Key speakers Bobby Chen of NZGBC and our ESD Team Leader, John Gillespie, explained the requirements of monitoring carbon emissions, embodied carbon, and building energy performance, emphasizing the substantial impact it will have on the construction industry.

Change is coming and it will be significant. It brings NZ into line with Australia and the UK. “Essentially we’re a decade behind the UK and we’re trying to catch up”, said John. Understanding embodied carbon from cradle to cradle is a new way of thinking about buildings and one we must embrace.

As fast as change is coming tools are emerging to help us. They track, meet compliance requirements and support better decisions around sustainable construction. Our expanding ESD services include qualified team members in services such as Green Star v 1.1, NABERSNZ, energy auditing tools, Homestar, embodied carbon analysis reports and much more. For more information on our sustainability services please email Nick.

22 Degrees Winter Trip

Following four years of no snow on our ‘ski trip’ in Ohakune we decided to switch up our annual winter trip and head to Rotorua for a weekend getaway (although Murphy’s Law saw record snowfall this year – typical!).
We have a group of keen mountain bikers who took on the redwood forest, challenging each other to races and new tracks. Whilst some were pushing themselves on their bikes, others took the opportunity to relax and unwind by the lake. As the sun set the team got together to play spike ball, pool and enjoyed a well-deserved spa.
Once again, Rob cooked up a storm making delicious slow cooked lamb and chicken with rough cut vegetables. His hard work in the kitchen didn’t stop there as he whipped up a rhubarb and apple crumble which went down a treat!