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From inception a key focus at 22 Degrees has been on training and ongoing professional development. We are passionate about learning and have put a ton of time into developing programmes and resources, so our people become excellent engineers.

We partner with Engineering NZ, and have created structured pathways for graduate, intermediate and senior engineers and we offer additional leadership, management, and personal development programmes.

Our Graduate Milestones Engineering Programme takes up to two years and evolved with critical input from our past Graduates to ensure it was meaningful and comprehensive. It involves over 30 seminars and workshops along with regular coaching, project reviews and on the job mentoring.

Each graduate is assigned a mentor and maintains a portfolio of projects and key learning which is discussed in one on one sessions. At the conclusion of the programme graduates submit their portfolio, give a presentation, and undertake a comprehensive Q and A to demonstrate their knowledge, relevant experience, and capabilities. This aligns with Engineering NZ’s Chartered Assessment structure.

It works in conjunction with our Emerging Engineer Milestones Programme which is a pathway to becoming Chartered. This programme comprises an extensive range of advanced engineering training modules along with project management, leadership, and business training. Mentoring and project reviews form a key part of this programme.

The aim of both programmes is to prepare engineers to become Chartered. To achieve this, they need to develop in depth knowledge and competency developed through experience and structured learning.

A key feature of all our development programmes is regular mentoring and feedback around achieving learning milestones.

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