Being proactive and agile our people were so motivated to deliver great results for clients, in 2018, the team developed their own company values and mission. They wanted to ensure everyone shared the same commitment to being proactive, responsible, expert, fair, agile, collaborative and engaged. This speaks to how 22 Degrees continuously invests in staff via professional development, technical upskilling, mentoring, process improvement, new technology and robust reviews of our performance. It also reinforces how we like to work with each other and our clients – collaboratively.

Our team is multidisciplinary, with specialist expertise and highly practical knowledge. As well as engineering degrees many of our team have solid trade or on site experience. This coalface know-how is a key point of difference between 22 Degrees and other consultancies.

Our Project Leaders have broad construction knowledge across all disciplines and most of our engineers design across multiple services. This significantly enhances our understanding of what we need to plan for, integrate and coordinate. Collectively, our people have over 150 year’s industry experience and we see the benefit of this in our functional designs and on site interaction.

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General Manager

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Support Services Manager

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Commercial Manager | Associate

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Alex Davis


Mechanical Team

With over 80 combined years of mechanical consulting experience our seasoned team provide unparalleled expertise and includes two chartered engineers. You name it, someone has probably designed it. Across industrial, commercial, education, residential, health and myriad sectors key members of the team have designed systems which optimise small to large and simple to complex buildings. Several team members worked in contracting early in their careers and this provides invaluable practical insight which informs their designs. All members have undertaken extensive inhouse professional development programmes which produce exceptional understanding of building services and practical, sustainable options.

Electrical Team

Collectively our six strong electrical team has over sixty years consulting experience. They’ve developed extensive know-how through multiple local projects across diverse industries. Several of the team have worked internationally including roles in the UK, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Hong Kong. Our electrical engineers are experts in their field. They understand the needs of commercial, industrial, and residential electrical systems and the full gamut of MEP. In the team is a chartered engineer, a former electrician, an ex-security expert, and a former navy Electronics & ICT engineer, all with plenty of hands on experience. The team’s practical approach combined with sound technical understanding and a keen focus on critical details means our clients are always in safe hands.

Hydraulics Team

Our hydraulics team of six engineers are all mechanical engineers with over 70 years industry experience collectively and two chartered engineers in the mix. They have worked on hundreds of projects including high rise apartments, major retail complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, and rest homes. Their international consulting experience includes roles in Australia, Iran, South Africa, and Canada. Understanding the way services integrate and must work holistically with the building and its inhabitants is a key strength of the team. Time and again they have proven ingenious in early identification of issues and developing pragmatic solutions.

Fire Protection Team

Our specialist fire protection design team of four are all mechanical engineers who have developed first rate expertise in designing compliant designs for greenfield and brownfield projects.  Having worked extensively on varied projects over the past few years they lend a practised eye to designs and ensure they are fully compliant.  One team member gained his Masters in Fire from Canterbury University, and two engineers are both senior mechanical engineers with considerable expertise in 3D modelling. All have in depth detailed knowledge of the relevant Codes and requirements.

BIM Team

Many of our engineers are highly competent on Revit but our in-house BIM team add both fire power and significant expertise. The team comprises four modellers to support the engineers with 3D modelling and drawing. They add huge value by taking a holistic overview of all projects to ensure streamlined coordination of services. One of the team is an engineer who gained a specialist degree in Engineering Building Services, another has worked for over 25 years in drafting, coordinating, and modelling of MEP designs. A background in architecture and design led our Technical Lead into modelling and services integration. Experience in the UK, South Africa and locally ensures the team’s knowledge base is diverse and their participation in regular masterclasses and forums on Revit ensures the team is always at the top of their game.

Support Services

Behind every well oiled machine are the people who source and apply the oil! Our support team keeps everything running smoothly in the background so our engineers can focus on engineering. From invoicing and accounts to marketing, learning and development, and general office management these guys do it all!

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