Seismic Restraint for Services

Seismic - 22 degrees

In an earthquake 85% of damage comes from non-structural elements. Since the Christchurch earthquakes more stringent application of the Building Code (1991) requirements has become a priority in both the design and installation of building systems. A new national system for managing earthquake prone buildings also came into force in 2017 and this further reinforced the importance of ensuring buildings are as safe as practicable.

Compliant, but smart seismic planning has become a vital consulting service 22 Degrees undertakes to de-risk construction and renovation projects. For building services, the focus is on ensuring bracing and restraints are factored into space planning and weight loading analysis.

By planning seismic requirements from ‘get go’ our engineers balance compliance with cost and aesthetics to make a crucial difference to the initial design. Upfront planning for things like hanger rods, penetration clearance, roof fixings and enough space for all items means contractors know all requirements up front and can avoid costly delays and re–work.

As part of a multi service consultancy we are aware of all building service requirements and coordinate these so there is sufficient clearance for all elements and each service is effective and compliant. But that’s not the whole picture. Three standards are at play, so in addition to NZS4219 we have to consider requirements for suspended ceilings and fire sprinklers. Suspended ceilings come under the requirements of AS/NZS 2785. Fire sprinkler systems come under the requirements of NZS 4541.

Planning and technical expertise is how we add value to each project. We navigate all requirements and proactively make recommendations to ensure compliance and minimise risk for contractors and clients.

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