22 News – June 2023

22 Team News

Reflecting on the year that has been with delicious food and staff rewards is always a special way to recognise our team’s hard work and bring everyone together. To finish our annual strategy/planning ‘Big Day In’ the team let off some steam at World Challenge Tag Paintball followed by dinner and drinks at Hallertau.

We are thrilled to welcome new team members into the BIM, Electrical and Support Services departments. Sasha, Ryo and Emma joined us this year and with varied backgrounds in the navy, rail construction and nutrition. They’re all great additions to 22 Degrees and have added to our rich team culture. Keep an eye out for them in future newsletters.  


22 Degrees are delighted to announce that our office in Grey Lynn, 25 Crummer Road, has been officially certified as a 5.5 star NABERSNZ Whole Building rated office!

We have worked towards this as a collaborative team, striving to optimise our energy use and remove waste energy from our office.

Sustainability is important to us, we strive to offer services across all industries to help navigate to a more sustainable, low carbon and environmentally conscious engineering future. Working across Greenstar, NABERSNZ, Homestar, Embodied Carbon and Energy Auditing, it was important for us to walk the talk and we’re delighted to have this certification as a stamp of our commitment to a more sustainable Aotearoa.

Pause for a Cause

22 Degrees has supported Thames Coast Kiwi Care (TCKC) for several years donating to this wonderful organisation. Each year we provide a contingent of staff for a working bee in the bush at Te Mātā.

Eradicating predators and supporting the repopulation of kiwi is dear to our hearts and it’s very satisfying to contribute to the impressive results TCKC are achieving.

Europe and Sustainability

Our Directors just returned from a trip to Europe and saw first-hand varied renewable energy systems and sustainable building practices in action. Enormous wind turbines sat astride the landscape in rural France and England generating a significant portion of electricity needs and increasing the positive impact of renewable energy on the environment.

Robert and Jennifer visited a unique example of energy recycling. Bath Abbey’s innovative eco-heating system powered by England’s only natural hot springs located in Bath mightily impressed Robert. The system recycles hot water from the Roman drains in the adjacent ancient Roman baths and circulates it under the Abbey to heat the floor of the vast structure. Renewable energy firm, IsoEnergy, finished installing the world’s-first heat collection system in the Roman Drain in 2021. The work down in the Roman Drain involved installing ten custom-built EnergyBlade heat exchangers that collect heat from the thermal spring water that flows through the drain from the Roman Baths and down into the river. Every day there is around 1.1 million litres of hot water flowing through the drain which stays a constant 40°C all year round. Energy extracted heats the historic Abbey as well as the adjacent row of Georgian cottages, offices, and nearby facilities.