22 News – October 2019

01 New Arrivals

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Since our last newsletter several new faces have joined us.

Eranda Mahipala – From Hong Kong to Auckland

After completing his Master of Engineering Management (Auckland University) and working as an Electrical Design Engineer on towering skyscrapers in Hong Kong, Eranda has landed on his feet and joined our Electrical design team earlier this year. With his extensive experience on high rise office buildings he has proven invaluable on many of our commercial projects. When not counting light switches, Eranda is a keen artist and rather spectacular photographer. He has travelled extensively in New Zealand getting some brilliant snaps – we think he should hold an exhibition.

Matt Howley and Jaime Groen bring coal face experience to 22 Degrees

These two mechanical engineers know a duct from a grille. Both worked in contracting before moving into consulting.   Matt comes from “HVAC royalty” – he’s the son of Greg Howley, MD of Air Action. After working as a Project Manager for several years at Air Action, he further honed his design skills at WSP Opus. He now leads diverse projects for 22 Degrees and brings plenty of real world experience and pragmatism to the table. When he’s not thinking about air flow you will find Matt boxing, running or stuck in traffic – he lives in Waiwera.

Matt has had an engineering role at Auckland Airport and shares experience contracting with Matt. After returning from a holiday of a lifetime in Mexico Jaime brings his wealth of practical knowledge about systems, installation and coordination to the team and is focused on developing his design skills.

02 EngNZ

22 Degrees is proud to have become a professional development partner (PDP) with Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ). It is a reflection of our commitment to the ongoing upskilling and development of our engineers. Our graduate programme has been honed over the last decade and has proven highly successful – producing well rounded and versatile engineers. Our Emerging Engineer programme is designed to support our engineers on their journey to CPEng Registration and we look forward to working closely with our PDP over the coming years.

03 Humestar

A 6 Homestar rating or above ensures a house will be of a better quality, warmer, drier and cost less to run. This rating system is administered by the Green Building Council. 22 Degrees has a fully certified Practitioner and Assessor qualified to provide ratings and advise on dwelling designs to meet the required standard. Thomas Hume completed his certification earlier this year and combined with his mechanical, hydraulics and fire protection design skills can provide practical advice early in the design process. He is currently working on a raft of Kainga Ora projects so he assesses, certifies and assists in the design of these Homestar projects.

04 Pool Party

Have you heard about 22 Degrees Efren Reyes (most famous pool champ ever)? Well, there’s some real talent lurking around the green table at 22 Degrees…

We all had a hoot recently proving why Efren really has nothing to worry about. With loads of cue action, cush shots and side spins – not to mention the odd miscue and balls on the floor – a round robin pool tournament at the iconic Ponsonby Pool Hall resulted in the total triumph of dark horse, Glenn Christiansen and eager yearling, Matt Howley.

05 Project Spotlight

Tote on Ascot

Recently completed, this charming refurbishment is at Ellerslie’s Auckland Racing Club. The project included a conversion and restoration of the historic tote building that was once home to the world’s first automatic totalizer machine. Re-imagined as a function space we needed to protect the historic visual aspects while ensuring it was optimised for events. Designed to accommodate intimate to opulent large scale events we needed to highlight the building’s unique character while delivering effective air flow and heating and cooling functions. A key innovation was concealing air-conditioning and ventilation in the main event space by locating equipment beneath the floor in a network of trenches. The outcome was aesthetically-pleasing, and delivered a well-ventilated and temperature controlled event space. Guests’ attention is now focused only on the elegant oak floors and meticulously preserved open-beamed ceiling. This seamless result was achieved by collaborative problem solving and coordination with Young & Richards.