Graduate applications close 1st July
Graduate applications close 1st July
Internship applications close 24 April
Internship applications close 24 April

22 News – May 2022

We are nearly halfway through the year! The borders are open, winter is setting in, work is well under way, and we are full throttle ahead. The past few months has seen us welcome in some excited new faces with bright futures at 22 Degrees and one old hand heads off on a 6-month OE to Europe. We will put the spotlight on a recent project and leave you with an exciting challenge with a prize up for grabs, and an invitation.

22 Specific

This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later. Thomo is embarking on a sabbatical through Europe and supporting his brothers’ sailing efforts at the Youth Battle of Portoz in Slovenia. While he will be missed, we eagerly await his travel pictures. We took Thomo on as a graduate and have watched him progress through the company over the past five years. The travels are well deserved Thomo and we are looking forward to you getting back, but not too soon. In the meantime, the 1:1 cardboard cut-out will be put to innovative use. 2022 has been a year of growth for the team with some new faces joining the 22 Degrees family. Dylan joined us in the new year, a graduate BIM engineer, he has slotted in seamlessly. A new role within the company has been filled by Ruben, who will be coordinating our marketing, internal learning and development and other services. With a scratch handicap, were looking forward to some more business golf days this year. We also have two brand new mechanical engineer graduates, Ethan and Richard who have just joined us.

H1 Changes Demystified

The NZBC H1 clause has undergone a massive change in the latest amendment update (November 2021). Most of us are aware that there have been changes, but there is still a sense of apprehension and industry wide confusion on what exactly these changes are and how they will affect our industry. 22 Degrees has created a presentation to answer all your questions and ensure you know how to comply when the new law takes effect.     

We invite you to attend our seminar on the H1 changes covering:

  • High level explanation of key changes
  • How these changes will affect the building industry, using examples of schools, apartments, high level residential and commercial buildings.
  • Timeline of key Dates leading to when changes will become compulsory.
  • A brief introduction to VM3 reports – what they are, and when they are required.
  • Q and A – with our expert engineers

A working lunch will be provided to all attendees and interest is high – so please RSVP to reserve your seat.

This presentation will be the first in a series ‘Building Services – Demystified’. Experts from 22 Degrees will give seminars on building service fundamentals and answer your burning FAQs. Please contact Nick directly if you have any questions of your own you would like us to provide a presentation on.

Project Spotlight

Oceania Football Confederation

22 Degrees were engaged as the Building Services engineers for the Oceania Football Confederations head office and flagship building as the governing body in New Zealand. Located on the edge of Auckland’s Ngahue Reserve, on a historic landfill site, this offered several challenges from a services and coordination perspective navigating a network of structures keeping the building up. The development is two storeys, consisting of a ground floor media room, staff room, offices, and meeting rooms with the first floor containing further offices.

Oceania Football Confederation – Head Office - RESPOND ― ARCHITECTSThe team here at 22 Degrees are also currently working on two complimentary projects, building  training facilities for the upcoming 2023 Woman’s FIFA World Cup.

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