Playing the Long Game

Between economists, epidemiologists, political commentators, newsrooms, government announcements and rampant social media posts propagating disaster – it’s understandable a lot of people are feeling unsure of what lies ahead.

This is my take on it all, based on the clients I am talking to, the proposals I’m presenting and the new jobs we’re signing up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It won’t be pretty for the next little while, but we will all get through this.

Though it’s hotly debated, with just 27 active cases and the number of 0 days increasing, New Zealand stands in an extremely strong position to take advantage of a “new normal”.

On Friday just gone, walking the streets of Ponsonby after hours there wasn’t a table free with all the bars and restaurants at capacity – an unimaginable scene just a few weeks ago.

Jarrod Kerr, the Kiwibank Chief Economist, spoke last week about how he is really positive about the government’s budget. He predicts that although we’ll see a dip in the economy over the next little while, he’s expecting a big bounce back in 2021 and 22.

Our industry is long term – nothing happens overnight, so what we’re starting to see is people looking longer term and planning ahead and preparing for a post-Covid economy. Many sectors will take a hit and many sectors will become far more competitive, but for those playing the long game, opportunities exist.

Though we wont be able to welcome our international friends for some time, and European holidays may be off the cards (my trip Mongolia will have to wait), it’s an excellent time to visit some of our beautiful country.

All the best, e mihi ana ki a koe!